Episode 42 – The Media Podcast Predictions 2016

<![CDATA[This time last year, Olly Mann sat down with the great and good of the media industry to find out what they thought would happen in 2015. In this special episode, not only do we hear their predictions for this year, but haul them over the coals for what they got right about the past twelve months.

Was Maggie Brown right about Andrew Neil? Did Matt Deegan see the rise of Radio X? Could Faraz Osman correctly guess the perilous state of Saturday night entertainment? ALL WILL BE JUDGED.
Plus, we hear from Broadcast’s news editor Jake Kanter on a big year for the BBC and Helen Zaltzman gazes into the podcasting’s crystal ball.
The Media Podcast is a PPM Production produced by Matt Hill.
This is our last show for a little while, but we’ll be back as soon as finances allow. Please help us stay on the air by contributing a small amount on a regular basis. In return we’ll dedicate a future episode in your name. ]]>

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