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  • Media Predictions 2023

    Media Predictions 2023

    Will Bezos return to Amazon? Will there be less rooms for mags at WHSmith? And will Channel 4 sell Horseferry Road this year? Yes, it’s our EIGHTH annual predictions special, looking into the media trends of 2023, with: Faraz Osman, Gold Wala Tara Conlan, Media journalist Maggie Brown, Media Writer and Channel 4 historian Dan…

  • Media Predictions 2022

    Media Predictions 2022

    Find out why our panel think this is the year for aVODs, a worrying time for 5live, the pressure off for Channel 4 and who will replace Andrew Marr.

  • Episode 66 – Media Predictions 2017

    <![CDATA[Olly Mann invades the offices of many of the media's finest to discover what they believe will happen in the year ahead. Staff from Buzzfeed, The Week and more tell us what we should expect. Plus, hear Jake Kanter, Matt Deegan and Faraz Osman account for their predictions for 2016. A PPM Production. If you…

  • Episode 42 – The Media Podcast Predictions 2016

    <![CDATA[This time last year, Olly Mann sat down with the great and good of the media industry to find out what they thought would happen in 2015. In this special episode, not only do we hear their predictions for this year, but haul them over the coals for what they got right about the past…

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