The Digital Future: BBC4 & CBBC on demand, Telegraph subs soar & a fake news 101

The BBC announces further cuts as Director-General Tim Davie faces up to its licence-fee freeze. Matt Deegan is joined by journalist and maker of the Smart 7 news podcast Jamie East to break-down what ‘going digital’ really means.

Also on the programme: The Telegraph hits record digital subscribers – is the future of the press behind a paywall? Press Gazette UK editor Charlotte Tobitt is on-hand to take us through the latest press trends and figures.

Plus, disinformation journalist Shayan Sardarizadeh shares the BBC’s latest efforts to combat fake news, including their response to the tragic Texas school shooting.

And in the Media Quiz we find out who’s been making up for media faux pas.

A Rethink Audio Production, produced by Phoebe Adler Ryan, with support from Matt Hill.

*Get more from Shayan and the telltale signs of foreign propaganda, over on our Patreon:

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