Episode 101: Edinburgh International Television Festival 2018

<![CDATA[Jake Kanter (Business Insider) and guests descend on Edinburgh for the biggest date in the industry – featuring Alison Kirkham (BBC Controller of Factual Commissioning) Faraz Osman (MD, Gold Wala) and Scott Bryan (Buzzfeed).

Jeremy Corbyn’s big idea for tech giants to subsidise the BBC, Michaela Coel’s punch on the nose for British TV in a brutally honest MacTaggart lecture, and a rude awakening for television controllers about the way they do business.
Also on the programme: Lenny Henry shares his highlights of the festival and in the Media Quiz, our guests try to spot the difference between real commissions and pitches we made up.
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One response to “Episode 101: Edinburgh International Television Festival 2018”

  1. I remember that BBC 3 vote for a show event. They played 5 shows on 5 separate weeks. It’s where that show about a ghost, werewolf and a vampire living together got commissioned.


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