Episode 56: Olympics Coverage & A French Ban On Naming Mass Killers

<![CDATA[Olly Mann is joined by Jake Kanter (media editor, Business Insider) and radio exec Trevor Dann to discuss the lack of journalists covering Rio 2016, the latest radio ratings and why the French press are refusing to name terrorists.

Elsewhere in the podcast, the panel ponder why there’ll be a lull in TV drama next year, the reduction in column inches at mediaguardian – and why two listicles were two too many for a journalist at the Croydon Advertiser.
Plus, in the Media Quiz, there’s a concerted effort to write a game around three stories about paywalls – and you won’t believe what happened next…
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One response to “Episode 56: Olympics Coverage & A French Ban On Naming Mass Killers”

  1. Regarding the mention of the “new” BBC Radio iPlayer app: the one which has been available to UK listeners for some time has now been rolled out to all App stores regardless of geography. (Please note that aside from a few sports rights issues, almost all BBC radio content has been available worldwide for well over a decade…)
    However, if you are outside of the U.K., you are not able to download shows for offline listening (you can still “stream” the shows) and from the App Store reviews it looks like there are some other features that don’t work for non-UK users.


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