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  • Episode 59 – Badly burnt by Bake Off

    <![CDATA[With the key talent divided and the audience in shock we ask… has anyone come out of the Bake Off fiasco well – apart from the freshly-moneyed Love Productions? Jake Kanter (Business Insider) sits in for Olly with guests Ash Atalla (Roughcut TV) and Tara Conlan (The Guardian) to discuss the week’s top media stories.…

  • Episode 57 – What Lad Bible’s rise means for online video

    <![CDATA[This week, Alex Hudson (metro.co.uk) and Lisa Campbell (Edinburgh International TV Festival) join Olly to discuss Lad Bible’s popularity with men on social media. Plus, a preview of all the best sessions from next week’s TV industry love-in in Scotland. Elsewhere on the programme: as Emma Swaine exits the BBC after 20 years our panel…

  • Episode 56: Olympics Coverage & A French Ban On Naming Mass Killers

    <![CDATA[Olly Mann is joined by Jake Kanter (media editor, Business Insider) and radio exec Trevor Dann to discuss the lack of journalists covering Rio 2016, the latest radio ratings and why the French press are refusing to name terrorists. Elsewhere in the podcast, the panel ponder why there’ll be a lull in TV drama next year,…

  • Episode 55: Brexit Boosts Fleet St… But For How Long?

    <![CDATA[June’s circulation figures indicate good times for national newspapers – and their online editions – following the EU referendum, but with experts predicting a huge drop in ad spending will the boom be short lived? Olly Mann is joined by journalist James Ball (Buzzfeed) and TV producer Faraz Osman (Lemonade Money) to discuss this and the rest…

  • Episode 53 – Snoopers’ Charter, 360° Video & 5live shake-up

    <![CDATA[Media news and analysis, recorded in the confines of The Hospital Club in London. Olly Mann is joined by Leon Wilson (MD, Talkback) and journalist Susie Boniface to discuss the fallout from this week’s Media Summit: as James Parnell outlines his strategy for securing a good deal for the BBC, and Channel 4 rule out…

  • Episode 52 – Rory Reid, LA Screenings, Podcasts on TV

    <![CDATA[Olly Mann is joined by Matt Deegan (Creative Director, Folder Media) and Kenton Allen (CEO, Big Talk Productions) to discuss the big media news of the week in the plush confines of the Hospital Club. Top Gear returns this weekend and Olly Mann sits down with presenter Rory Reid to talk about how he’s fit…

  • Episode 46 – Channel 4 fights for Black Mirror

    Episode 46 – Channel 4 fights for Black Mirror

    <![CDATA[With the show’s producers signed up to Netflix, can Channel 4 keep hold of the first-look rights – and what does it mean for the relationship between broadcasters and indies? Olly Mann is joined by Leon Wilson (MD, Talkback) and Scott Bryan (Buzzfeed) to discuss this and the other top media stories.

  • Episode 45 – Leveson II, a promising dawn for New Day and Radio 2 Country pops up

    Episode 45 – Leveson II, a promising dawn for New Day and Radio 2 Country pops up

    <![CDATA[John Whittingdale takes a break from Brexit to address the issues the matter to the media (and avoid a few others). Olly Mann talks loopholes and Leveson II with Faraz Osman (Managing Director, Lemonade Money) and Alex Hudson (Deputy Editor, metro.co.uk).

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