Farewell Buzzfeed News, Fox & Dominion Settle, plus the Google TV launch

This week coming to you this week from The London Podcast Studios, host Matt Deegan is joined by Jane Ostler (VP Global Thought Leadership, Kantar) & Alex Hudson (Exec Editor Newsweek).

Our pundits share their reactions to the Buzzfeed News shut down; we unpack the Fox & Dominion settlement and why it matters.

Plus, the first quarter numbers are out for UK streaming subscriptions, we take on Netflix’s ‘cancel backlash’ and why live streaming a show isn’t as simple as it sounds.

AND in this week’s deep dive, Shalini Govil-Pai (GM & VP of TV, Google) shares her view on the future of streaming and why Google TV’s offering a guide to 800 free channels.

And finally, we test out pundits on the latest telly news in the media quiz.

A Rethink Audio Production, produced by Matt Hill with support from Phoebe Adler-Ryan.

Hear more from Shalini about the the future of streaming on our Patreon.

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