Media Predictions 2023

a crystal ball

Will Bezos return to Amazon? Will there be less rooms for mags at WHSmith? And will Channel 4 sell Horseferry Road this year?

Yes, it’s our EIGHTH annual predictions special, looking into the media trends of 2023, with:

Faraz Osman, Gold Wala

Tara Conlan, Media journalist

Maggie Brown, Media Writer and Channel 4 historian

Dan Taylor Watt, Digital Product leader, formerly BBC iPlayer/BBC Sounds

Adam Bowie, Radio Development Manager

Jake Kanter, The Times

Charlotte Tobitt, Press Gazette

Ann Charles, Radio TechCon

Get ready to hear about AI journalism, severed-ties, subscription bubble bursts, and much much more.

Plus, is the ‘Channel Four Privatisation finally Dead’? We dissect the end to one of 2022’s biggest stories.

If you’d like to hear our experts held to account for their 2022 Predictions, tune in for even MORE prediction content and support our efforts on our Patreon community:

Presented by Matt Deegan, produced by Phoebe Adler-Ryan with support from Matt Hill. This is a Rethink Audio Production.

You can read Matt’s full blog on his recovery on his excellent blog.

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