The BBC’s Digital Future, A Media Policy Stocktake, & Scott Bryan’s Xmas TV RoundUp!

Bye-bye broadcasting? Lord Vaizey responds to Tim Davie’s ‘online-only’ vision for ‘The BBC’. Faraz Osman is joined by Lord Vaizey (Former Culture Minister), Maggie Brown (Channel 4 Historian) & Jim Waterson (The Guardian).

Plus, our panel take stock of how the big debates of 2022 have landed: Has Channel4 evaded privatisation? Will we see a Media Bill? And what do we make of politicians moving into media?

And in our deep dive, TV Critic Scott Bryan shares his telly recommendations to help you curate your viewing schedules over the holiday break.

Also in the programme: Maggie and Jim reflect on John Ryley’s legacy and what’s next for Sky News.

NOT ONLY THAT… but in the media quiz we’re playing Who’s in the Spotlight?

A Rethink Audio Production, produced by Phoebe Adler-Ryan with support from Matt Hill.

And hear more of Scott Bryan, including shows you may not yet know are returning… on our Patreon.

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