Inside Content London, Missing Perspectives in Media & BBC’s latest Ofcom Report

In this week’s show, host Faraz Osman is joined by Lis Howell (Professor Emerita in Journalism, City University London) and media writer Tara Conlan tackle diversity and representation in news and broadcasting.

First up, Tara dishes the gossip from C21’s Content London, then our panel dives into the diversity debate making headlines this week, with Lis sharing insights from Expert Women project at City University London.

And in our deep dive, researcher Luba Kassova unpacks her findings from The Missing Perspectives of Women in News report.

Also in the programme: Our guests examine Ofcom’s Annual BBC report which encourages the broadcaster to connect with people of lower income backgrounds. What do the latest findings mean? Will we see more shows like The Traitor?

NOT ONLY THAT… but in the media quiz we’re playing Media Moves.

A Rethink Audio Production, produced by Phoebe Adler-Ryan with support from Matt Hill.

Hear more from Luba Kassova, including her solutions for the media industry on our Patreon.

Read the latest report here:

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