C4’s ray of hope; Will audio drama rise or fall? Plus Roger Bolton gives the BBC Feedback

Jake Kanter is joined by Maggie Brown (Channel 4 Historian) and James Cridland (Podnews Editor) to tackle the media headlines.

Maggie gives her report on Channel 4’s future – has the sale gone cold?

Plus, James Cridland unpacks Spotify’s situation in light of podcast cuts. Our guests also debate the future of audio drama: Is the BBC scaling back production on the cusp of a golden age of audio fiction podcasts?

Also on the programme: Veteran broadcaster Roger Bolton shares his BBC exit and what to expect from his new podcast, Roger Bolton’s Beeb Watch.

Find the new show here: https://shows.acast.com/rogerboltonsbeebwatch/episodes/roger-boltons-beeb-watch

And in the media quiz, we’re tackling a wave of media court cases.

A Rethink Audio Production, produced by Phoebe Adler-Ryan with support from Matt Hill.

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