Journalism, waning or thriving?

Guest host Faraz Osman explores the state of journalism in the UK with guests James Ball (The Bureau of Investigative Journalism) and Warren Nettleford (ITN).

ITN’s new CEO Rachel Corp delivered her inaugural speech at Press Gazette’s Future of Media Technology Conference. Our guests assess her concerns and hopes for the future of journalism and ponder, where should news innovate next?

Plus, Press Gazette UK Editor Charlotte Tobitt unpacks her top three takeaways from the conference, including some positive news for podcasters.

Also on the programme: Nazarbayev vs. TBIJ + OpenDemocracy. James Ball talks us through what the libel case is all about and why it could tip Government legislation on SLAPPs.

And in The Media Quiz, we’re testing our guest’s knowledge of the latest in digital media and tech news.

A Rethink Audio Production, produced by Phoebe Adler-Ryan with support from Matt Hill.

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