Paul Foot Awards & crowd-funding investigative journalism

Credit: Philippa Gedge

Marking the Private Eye Paul Foot Awards for investigative journalism, Matt speaks to journalist Nick Wallis who received a special award for work on the Post Office Scandal with Richard Brooks.

Wallis reflects on his decade long journey to raise awareness of the abuse of power by the British Post Office, which wrongfully prosecuted over 700 of its postmasters for thievery and fraud.

Plus he shares how he ended up being crowd-sourced funded to cover the Depp-Heard Trial in the UK and US, and the trials and rewards of being a journalist in the age of social media.

A Rethink Audio Production, produced by Phoebe Adler Ryan, with support from Matt Hill.

Get the full length interview with Nick over on our Patreon:

And find Nick’s book and more information about the Post Office Scandal here:

Photo Credit: Philippa Gedge

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