Streaming Wars – Spring Roundup!

In a busy month for streaming platform news, ex-Director of Product for the BBC iPlayer Dan Taylor-Watt unpacks the latest news with host Matt Deegan. We’ll explore ads on Disney+ and whether Netflix is finally cracking down on password sharing.

Also on the programme, Karin Robinson (Endelman) and Charlotte Tobitt (Press Gazette) discuss the other big stories of the week, including Laura Kuenssberg signing off after seven years as BBC Political Editor: Who’s replacing her and where’s she going? An unprecedented coalition of British media organisations including The News Media Association, BBC, Channel 4 and ITN have signed a letter to the PM calling for ‘critical legislation’ against the tech giants to be brought forward – plus, in the Media Quiz, we discover who has made media milestones in the industry this week.

A Rethink Audio production, produced by Phoebe Adler-Ryan with support from Matt Hill.

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