Disney+Ads, CNN in Ukraine & Piers Morgan… Uncensored?

Disney+ is launching an ad-supported tier in the US – What does this mean for the streaming wars? The Times’ Jake Kanter and audio & TV critic Scott Bryan join Matt Deegan to discuss the week’s media news.

Also on the programme: CNN correspondent Michael Holmes talks to us from Lviv in the Ukraine about the ambush that led to Stuart Ramsay’s Sky News team taking casualties, plus the ‘fake news’ law that has resulted in broadcasters temporarily suspending reporting

Plus, Piers Morgan is back and uncensored, apparently – we’ll discuss what his new show will bring to audiences across three continents this Spring.

And, in the Media Quiz, we are covering Melodious Milestones in the music industry.

A Rethink Audio Production, produced by Phoebe Adler Ryan, with support from Matt Hill.

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