Biggest BBC Cuts Yet To Come, British Journalism Awards & Guardian hits 1m

the new bbc logo

Just how much more can the BBC cut from its services? Potentially the same amount again, it transpires, with their schedules set to be packed with repeats as the corporation is forced to make “significant” programming cuts, according to the National Audit Office.

Matt Deegan is joined by The Times’ media correspondent Jake Kanter, The Week founder Jon Connell and journalist and comedian Suchandrika Chakribarti to discuss the week’s media news.

Also on the programme: the Guardian hits 1 million paid subscribers, all without a paywall. So what can other publishers learn from this milestone? Plus we look back at the scoops of the year as judged by the British Journalism Awards, ponder Ladbible’s rise and rise – and, in the Media Quiz, we find out who’s to blame in our latest innovative gameshow format… The Blame Thrower.

A Rethink Audio and PPM Production, produced by Matt Hill. Thanks for all your support this year – you can support the show at

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