Times Radio, Youthquakes & more – the RAJARs are in!

For those in the radio industry, Wednesday was the biggest day for 18 months, with £500m worth of sales resting on data from the audience research survey (suspended during the pandemic). But elsewhere in the media, this set of listening figures looks set to have an impact on their businesses too.

Matt Deegan welcomes two new stations execs to talk about their first results: Stig Abell (Times Radio) & Phil Riley (Boom Radio) as well as Radio TechCon‘s own Ann Charles to discuss the importance of this unique set of figures.

Also in this RAJAR special: how Graham Norton’s got on, where are the young people, has Coronavirus been BBC Local Radio’s saviour…. and in The Media Quiz, we play a classic radio game.

A Rethink Audio & PPM Production, produced by Matt Hill. To support the show for less than a Gin & Tonic at the Groucho, visit themediapodcast.com/donate

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