Media Business Podcast #1: The Oscars' Business

<![CDATA[In the first of a series of specials, we’ve partnered with the team at Media Business Insight to take a closer look at the media business – brought to you monthly by Media Business Insight, the publisher of Screen International and Broadcast magazine.

In this inaugural episode, Screen International editor Matt Mueller is joined by the director of Film4 Daniel Battsek and Screen International’s chief film critic Finn Halligan and features editor Charles Gant to discuss this year’s awards season, looking in particular at what it means for talent and studios and what it takes to win an Oscar these days. As a former president of Miramax and Buena Vista International, Battsek reflects on how awards season has changed over the years.
In the second part of the episode, we sit down with Elizabeth Karlsen and Stephen Woolley from Number 9 Films, who will be honoured at this year’s Bafta film awards ceremony for their Outstanding Contribution to British Cinema.
Producers of acclaimed features including Carol, Made In Dagenham and Colette, Karlsen and Woolley discuss what the Bafta honour means to them as independent producers, and what it’s like to navigate the awards season trail. It’s a journey that goes all the way back to 1992’s The Crying Game.
A PPM Production for Media Business Insight.
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