Episode 108 – Social media stars under the influence; DJs on shuffle as Ball, Cox, Mayo, Evans and Whiley launch new shows; Buzzfeed cuts; Guardian film heads to the Oscars.

<![CDATA[Fortnightly news, gossip and analysis from across the media industries with Olly Mann and guests Leon Wilson (Managing Director, Talkback Thames) and Iain Dale (Presenter, LBC).

On this show: Buzzfeed UK announces staff cuts after losing its UK editor. All change at breakfast time as Zoe Ball takes over Radio 2 and Chris Evans returns to Virgin. Bauer launches a new classical music station as the home of its new signing Simon Mayo.
Plus; an Oscar nomination for a film from the Guardian and social media stars receive a notification about product placement.
All that, and the Media Podcast Quiz, in this week’s edition of The Media Podcast.
Presented by Olly Mann and produced by Rebecca Grisedale-Sherry. A PPM Production.
Please consider taking out a voluntary subscription to help fund and support the show.]]>

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