Episode 103 – Lads Lads Lads, Fake Guests & Slow News

<![CDATA[News, analysis and gossip from the creative media industries with Olly Mann and guests. On this week’s show are managing director of Kerfuffle TV, Steven D Wright and CEO of the ShoutOut podcast network and host of careers podcast Wanna Be, Imriel Morgan.

This week: Viral content king LADBible has rescued its arch rival Unilad from administration – is there room for both brands in the crowded viral marketplace? Vice journalist Oobah Butler reveals he has been pranking broadcasters by sending stand-ins to interviews. including the BBC.
Plus a revival of the row over unpaid work at big media companies; Former BBC News supremo James Harding takes to Kickstarter to fund what he calls a new kind of ‘open journalism’ and we look forward to this autumn’s biggest TV shows in the Media Podcast Quiz.
A PPM Production, produced by Rebecca Grisedale-Sherry.]]>

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