Episode 96 – British Podcast Awards 2018

<![CDATA[Olly Mann and Rhianna Dhillon were live at Saturday's British Podcast Awards in London, talking to the winners and audio industry execs about the future of the medium. If you're looking to understand this emerging media platform, there's no better place to start.

Featuring interviews with the winner of Podcast of the Year Cariad Lloyd and Listeners Choice winners Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo, as well as the winners of Best Family podcast (Co-producers Stephen Scott & Philip Feenan, Once Upon a time in Zombieville), Represent Award (Davot Irving, Fran Reynolds, Dave Lavis, Liz Hall, Carousel Radio), Fiction (Ross Sutherland, Imaginary Advice), Entertainment (Cariad Lloyd, Griefcast), Best New Podcast (Maeve McClenaghan, The Tip Off), Comedy (Beef And Dairy Network Podcast, Benjamin Partridge), Current Affairs (The Foreign Desk, producers Bill Leuty, Joleen Goffin and presenter Andrew Mueller), Most Original (execs Becky Power & Nicola Borradaile, The Discovery Adventures, LandRover), Culture (The Two Shot Podcast, Craig Parkinson), Sport (Adam Catterall Nick Peet Mike Pickston), Best Interview (Cariad Lloyd, Griefcast), True Crime (Producers Neal Razzell, Emma Rippon and James Beard), and Podcast Champion (Helen Zaltzman). All in 26 minutes – blimey!
A PPM Production, produced by Rebecca Griesdale-Sherry. Consider supporting this show by taking out a voluntary subscription.]]>

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