Episode 93 – Daily Mail’s Accidental Profanity, Radio 4’s Rivers Of Blood, Test Match Special’s Early Tea

<![CDATA[Informed insight and analysis of the media industries with Olly Mann and guests – journalist for theweek.co.uk, Rebecca Gillie and managing director and head of creative at Gold Wala, Faraz Osman.

On the show this week: As a Daily Mail journalist is fired for accidentally publishing the c-word, should online publishers be spending more on sub-editors? Radio 4’s rebroadcast of Enoch Powell’s “Rivers of Blood” speech caused a stir but is the outcry justified? And as Key 103 rebrands as Hits Radio Manchester, is radio in the UK losing its regional variations?
Plus, how will Test Match Special cope without England’s next two overseas cricket tours; the future of Radar Radio and we play The Nomination Game in this week’s Media Podcast Quiz.
Produced by Rebecca Grisedale-Sherry. The Media Podcast is a PPM Production.

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