Episode 37 – Cohen leaves the BBC, FOIs and mental health dramas

<![CDATA[Olly Mann is joined by broadcast consultant Paul Robinson and media writer Maggie Brown to discuss the week’s biggest media stories, all within the confines of The Hospital Club in Covent Garden.

With Danny Cohen set to leave his role as director of television at the BBC, the panel look back and his career highs and lows with the corporation – and why his successor isn’t likely to come from the ranks directly below.
Freedom of Information legislation may be revamped by the Government (you can have your say here) but with such establishment names on the committee, what chance is there that journalists’ rights will be respected?
As new BBC drama River launches with a central character displaying mental health issues, The Media Podcast speaks to Alison Kerry, head of media at the charity MIND about portraying conditions from schizophrenia to postnatal depression on screen… and what to do when you discuss a trigger on your late night talk radio show.
Thank you to those that donated after the last show – we raised enough to make this show. BUT if you want future episodes, then please pledge now.
The Media Podcast is a PPM Production, produced by Matt Hill.
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