Episode 34 – BBC debate begins, Quirker launch, Moyles on XFM

<![CDATA[Olly Mann presents media industry insight and analysis with the help of broadcast consultant Paul Robinson and PACT chair Laura Mansfield.

After months of speculation, the Government has set out its stall for BBC charter renewal negotiations. From how the corporation should be funded to its ultimate cultural mission, the panel discuss what issues the nation’s favourite broadcaster needs to address.
Also on the programme, Olly talks to Local World’s Matt Kelly and Steve Anglesey about its new local-news website Quirker. Is there money to be made from the weird and wacky regional news stories that are the staple of tabloids and local radio stations?
Plus there’s gossip about Chris Moyles joining XFM breakfast, issues of ‘cappuccino interviews’ for top media jobs and the joys of basing a European bureau in London.
We’ll be taking a break after this programme to fundraise the show. If you are a business or patron and would like to support what we do for the media industry, please get in touch.
The Media Podcast is a PPM Production, produced by Matt Hill.
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