Episode 21 : Charlie Hebdo coverage, TV Debates, UTV sales


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The podcast returns with its irreverent take on the latest media news. Olly Mann is joined by Steve Ackerman (MD, Somethin Else) and Boyd Hilton (TV editor, Heat magazine).
The Media Podcast - Presented by Olly MannAfter a particularly difficult beginning to the year, the panel discuss the reaction to last week’s attacks in Paris – how much influence does social media now have on the mainstream news agenda?
OFCOM’s verdict on what constitutes a ‘major party’ for the general election has reignited the issues around televised leader’s debates. Will the prime minister be empty-seated, or is this grand experiment over before it really began?
As radio stations revamp their imaging, we speak to composer Dan Mumford about his new version of BBC Radio 1’s Newsbeat bed (and find out which station’s presenters break out in hives as they approach the top of the hour).
Plus, we cover UTV’s attempts to offload its local radio stations to another owner and attempt to get excited about The Voice on BBC One (when we’re secretly all watching Harry Hill’s Stars in their Eyes).
A PPM Production, produced by Matt Hill.
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