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Episode 61 – How The New European was launched, BBC Studio cuts

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Media news and analysis with guests working in our industry. Olly Mann is joined by Matt Kelly (The New European) and Professor Lis Howell (City University London) to discuss the week’s top stories.

BBC Studios have announced 15% cuts to its workforce ahead of entering the commercial sector next year – will the move lead to further demoralisation, or a creative revival?

The panel also get to grips with the new Radio Academy awards, Jon Holmes’ noisy departure from the Now Show and wave farewell to the ‘Fake Sheikh’. Plus, there’s a media quiz. Of course.

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Episode 60 – The Future of Radio

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After a few weeks of mostly telly talk, here’s a special edition on the oldest broadcast medium: radio. Where are the current trends in radio and online audio leading? Where will radio be, and what might it sound (and look) like on its 2022 centenary and beyond?

Some leading figures of UK radio broadcasting today, with very different perspectives, come together for a discussion on the Future of Radio.

Podcaster and broadcaster Ruth Barnes chairs a panel featuring Matt Deegan (Creative Director of Folder Media and co-founder of the Next Radio conference), Helen Boaden (Director of BBC Radio), Femi Adeyemi (Founder of internet radio station NTS) and journalist and broadcaster Miranda Sawyer.

Produced by Rosina Sound for the British Library – thanks to them for sharing this content with the Media Podcast. Our regular programme returns in two weeks.


Episode 59 – Badly burnt by Bake Off

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With the key talent divided and the audience in shock we ask… has anyone come out of the Bake Off fiasco well – apart from the freshly-moneyed Love Productions?

Jake Kanter (Business Insider) sits in for Olly with guests Ash Atalla (Roughcut TV) and Tara Conlan (The Guardian) to discuss the week’s top media stories.

Plus… we suffer from deja vu as BBC Charter Renewal is back on the Government’s agenda – and Channel 4 may still yet move to Birmingham… and of course there’s the infamous media quiz to befuddle our contributors.

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Sally Wainwright in conversation with Russell T Davies at the 2016 Edinburgh International Television Festival

Episode 58B – Sally Wainwright in conversation with Russell T Davies

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Olly Mann introduces one of The Media Podcast’s favourite sessions from this year’s Edinburgh International Television Festival: Sally Wainwright, writer (and often director) of Happy Valley, is quizzed by friend and fellow writer Russell T. Davies (Queer As Folk, Doctor Who) on her career.

From working on Coronation Street and creating At Home With The Braithwaites, to recent successes Last Tango In Halifax and Happy Valley, Sally discusses her craft, making the leap from writing to directing and shares the best advice she’s ever been given.

Shared with the kind permission of the Edinburgh International Television Festival. Thanks to our sponsors, Media Masters and to all our voluntary subscribers.

Photograph copyright Greg Macvean


Episode 58 – Edinburgh International TV Festival 2016

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Olly Mann presents media industry news and gossip recorded at the Edinburgh International Television Festival 2016.

Joining Olly at the festival is journalist and TalkSPORT broadcaster Tom Latchem and entertainment director of Heat Magazine, Boyd Hilton.

This year’s keynote MacTaggart Lecture was provided by Vice co-founder Shane Smith who challenged his audience of UK broadcasters to use television to satisfy the needs of Gen Y.

Maggie Brown and Jake Kanter with Olly Mann

Maggie Brown and Jake Kanter with Olly Mann


Olly consults journalist Maggie Brown and Business Insider’s Jake Kanter to find out how Smith’s message was received.

We’ll have more from the Edinburgh International Television Festival in the coming weeks – you can subscribe to the podcast for free and have future episodes downloaded automatically to you phone.

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Episode 57 – What Lad Bible’s rise means for online video

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This week, Alex Hudson ( and Lisa Campbell (Edinburgh International TV Festival) join Olly to discuss Lad Bible’s popularity with men on social media. Plus, a preview of all the best sessions from next week’s TV industry love-in in Scotland.

Elsewhere on the programme: as Emma Swaine exits the BBC after 20 years our panel assess her legacy at BBC Factual, pass judgement on Univision’s acquisition of troubled Gawker Media… and in the media quiz, we rescue three stories from linear armageddon.

If you want to attend the free screenings in Edinburgh of Red Dwarf, Poldark, The Fall and more, book your tickets here.

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Episode 56: Olympics Coverage & A French Ban On Naming Mass Killers

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Olly Mann is joined by Jake Kanter (media editor, Business Insider) and radio exec Trevor Dann to discuss the lack of journalists covering Rio 2016, the latest radio ratings and why the French press are refusing to name terrorists.

Elsewhere in the podcast, the panel ponder why there’ll be a lull in TV drama next year, the reduction in column inches at mediaguardian – and why two listicles were two too many for a journalist at the Croydon Advertiser.

Plus, in the Media Quiz, there’s a concerted effort to write a game around three stories about paywalls – and you won’t believe what happened next…


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Episode 55: Brexit Boosts Fleet St… But For How Long?

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June’s circulation figures indicate good times for national newspapers – and their online editions – following the EU referendum, but with experts predicting a huge drop in ad spending will the boom be short lived?

Olly Mann is joined by journalist James Ball (Buzzfeed) and TV producer Faraz Osman (Lemonade Money) to discuss this and the rest of the week’s media news.

Elsewhere on the podcast our pundits discuss the treatment of Channel 4 News reporter Fatima Manji, what little we know about the new Culture Secretary Karen Bradley and Avalon’s attempt to bring John Oliver-style style to Britain via Dave.

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Episode 54 – EU Referendum Special – The Media Podcast with Olly Mann

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In this special edition of The Media Podcast, recorded on day of the UK’s historic decision to leave the European Union, Olly Mann welcomes a panel of experts from across the media industries to discuss how the campaign was covered on TV, radio, in print and online.

Olly is joined at the Hospital Club in Covent Garden by Boyd Hilton (Entertainment director, Heat Magazine), Mira Bar-Hillel (Evening Standard) and Louise Ridley, (Assistant news editor, The Huffington Post UK). Join the conversation @themediapodcast


Episode 53 – Snoopers’ Charter, 360° Video & 5live shake-up

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Media news and analysis, recorded in the confines of The Hospital Club in London. Olly Mann is joined by Leon Wilson (MD, Talkback) and journalist Susie Boniface to discuss the fallout from this week’s Media Summit: as James Parnell outlines his strategy for securing a good deal for the BBC, and Channel 4 rule out a move away from the capital, we consider how many of Culture Secretary John Whittingdale’s ideas will actually happen.

Plus, there’s talk on the ‘Snoopers’ Charter’ and what it means for journalists, the scope for 360° video using tv formats and a new paper for the north of England called ‘24’.

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